Reach Any Tech Company

Leverage a database of nearly 1M tech startups and software companies that includes employees and founders that aren’t on LinkedIn or any other data source

Get to the right person


Reach those who design, test, and develop software

Founders & C-Level Execs

Contact those in charge of making final decisions


Engage with those behind infrastructures in tech companies

what is inside sales

Find your prospects in seconds

Find targeted lists of tech startups and software companies for your personalized outreach – powered by data you can’t find anywhere else.

Leave no stone unturned

Don’t leave money on the table when it comes to finding the right tech companies. Set your filters and get a complete list for your niche.

find decision makers
sales process

Get sure-fire leads

Steer away from “guess-work” prospecting and grab more of the best-fitting leads to increase your sales team’s closing rate.

laser-focus your targeting

All the filters you'd expect


Reach any tech company, anywhere across the globe. Literally.


Handpick tech companies most relevant for your business’ niche or sub-niche.


From large software companies to tech startups, find the best fit for your ideal target market.

Job title

Select the most relevant roles that describe your audience (Devs, IT, Founder & C-Levels).

Website Attributes

Uncover hidden prospects based on where they fall short (slow-loading website, no CDN, etc.)

Technology Used

Ace your targeting by reaching out to prospects using specific technology.

reach out before anyone else

Get notified every time a newly-founded tech company hits the market and spearhead your prospecting success rate.

b2b sales tools

Prospect in less than 60 seconds


Define the type of tech company you want to reach out to

get contacts

Choose the type of contact data you're interested in


Export the list, and use it with your CRM or outreach tool

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