Dedicated data on Small Businesses worldwide

Honest and dependable data to automate B2B processes in a rapidly changing world.

Company Data as a Source of Truth

Access full profiles of the SMBs ignored by everyone else and leverage unique datasets your competitors don’t have access to.


The data is updated on a weekly basis from 10M+ data sources – factual data with minimized latency.

Accuracy & Granularity

Classification relies on what the company communicates about itself – all up to date, accurate, and as granular as needed.


Full profiles of the SMBs ignored by everyone else with unique datasets your competitors don’t have access to.

Automate SMB
verification & onboarding

Safely onboard your business customers without any manual work. Personalize interaction flows for each segment. Soleadify will match 4x times more companies and increase your conversions. 

Streamline fraud prevention

Accurately assess and manage risk using intelligence about the identity and financial health of SMB profiles. Know whether a business is struggling or thriving.


Accelerate lead generation

Almost-infinite data points to enhance your competitive intelligence – spot up-sell and cross-sell potential your competitors are blindsided to. 

70 M+
Company profiles
100 +
40 +
data points
600 +
Business Categories

Integrate with your current data

Great datasets play well with each other by driving forward those insights no one else has access to.

Enhance and enrich your current datasets with new business profiles as a result of weekly updates from 10M+ data sources.

Access most responsive data provisioning to update work flows making them quicker and more productive.

Reduce data duplication and increase accuracy through data comparison, pattern identification, and anomly cleansing.

The data you actually want

Access eye-opening certainty through the SMB data you actually want, gathered from the first-hand source.


Near-perfect enrichment

Match and enrich almost any dataset of companies by legal and commercial names, location and address, and linked digital assets.

Accuracy & recency scoring

Prioritize between volume, accuracy, and recency of your data points to choose the tradeoff that best fits your use case.

Company Activity Tags

Prioritize companies with the most important activity tags (e.g. Machine Learning) and text descriptions - build the filtering models that fit your strategy.

Data care

Dedicated team that builds integrations, making sure you get the data right where you need it, in the format you need it.

Customizable Data Structure

 In-depth data points can easily be added on top of the default ones, to enable Big Data and Machine Learning processing.

Data Type Description
Company Names
From the most commonly used name when referring to the company, to trade-style names ("DBA"), aliases and official legal names. Soleadify gathers all alternative names used by a company, including abbrevations, so you never have to worry about matching with other data sources - we've got you covered!
Company Locations
Country, Region, City, Street and ZIP Codes of all the known company locations, split into "Main Address" and "Secondary Addresses". Soleadify scans for addresses of both offices and retail locations.
Company Classification
Soleadify classifies companies based on what they actually do, how they describe themselves, as opposed to outdated Government classification. As consequence, Soleadify's classification of companies is much more accurate and granular than any of our competitors. We associate a primary Industry, primary business category and primary sector of activity for the company, as well as secondary activities. With crosswalks available to all major classification systems.
Company Type
"Public" for companies listed on the stock exchange, "Non-profit" for non-profits, "Private" for privately held companies.
Activities and Services
AI is used to analyze descriptions of each company scattered across the internet, and extract a list of company activities. For example, a tech company may contain tags such as "Startup", "SaaS", "Artificial Intelligence", "Sales Tool".
Company Descriptions
The most relevant rich text descriptions of the company, usually identified by analyzing tens of company descriptions scattered across the internet.
Soleadify identifies the products manufactured or sold by the company, regardless of where they're listed - sometimes they're in a structured e-commerce interface, sometimes just mentioned in a seemingly irrelevant description of the company. Soleadify's AI is trained to discover a company's products regardless of where they're listed
Technologies Used
Soleadify scans the digital assets of a company to find all the technologies visible on all their websites
Digital Presence
Soleadify scans the digital assets of a company and gives scores relevant for the company's digital presence - from SEO to social media
Newly Founded Companies
Soleadify finds companies as soon as there's a digital trace - sometimes before they're even officially incorporated or before being on social media. Great for seeing trends before anyone else.
Company Size
Number of employees, trends, number of locations and revenue
Key Employees
Names, Job Titles and Contact Data for the most relevant employees found anywhere on the internet. A richer source than Linkedin.
Contact Data
Publicly available Emails and Phone Numbers

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