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  • Using Old Technologies
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  • Not Present on Facebook
  • Not Mobile Friendly Websites
  • ... and many others

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Soleadify Uses Machine Learning to Finds Prospects for:








By looking for websites that are:

  • Slow Loading 
  • Not Mobile Friendly 
  • Not Using Custom Metas & Alts 
  • Not using Analytics or Tag Management 

For SEO Agencies:

For Media Agencies

By looking for websites that:

  • Don't use Tracking Pixels  
  • Don't use Retargeting
  • Have a Slow Loading Time
  • Use some Pixels but not others

By looking for websites that are:

  • Using Old Technology
  • Slow Loading 
  • Not Mobile Friendly 
  • Not Secure

For Web Developers & Web Designers:

For Conversion Rate Optimization Pro's:

By looking for websites that are:

  • Not Using A/B Testing Tools
  • Not Using Lead Generation Tools
  • Not Using Retargeting 
  • Slow Loading

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Our users have already contacted lists such as:

  • Accountants in UK that don't have mobile-ready websites
  • Shopify cosmetic stores from New York that don't use A/B testing software
  • Restaurants in Australia that use Wordpress and don't use retargeting pixels
  • Lawyers in California with slow-loading websites built with a drag-and-drop website builder

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