Leverage stay-fresh
company information

Aiming to power your operations cycle through
outcome-predictable SMB data.

Streamline KYB & onboarding procedures

Automate manual SMB identification to reduce times and eliminate bureaucracy. Ensure reliable control methods that drive risk-free business decisions.

Expedite No-Risk Decision Management

Identify early signs of a booming or struggling business and predict churn risk. Gain financial data resources on any SMB and manage risk based on certainty.

Widen business growth. Better your conversion.

Enrich and update your business with SMB data no one else has access to, and get more out of your CRM. Understand your customers and find the best opportunities that trigger expansion.

Leverage smarter spending

Automate supplier screening and mitigate procurement risk – enrich your supplier data with market intelligence to have more understanding of your supplier portfolio.

Ensure data upkeep

Have company profiles updated every week with new and improved findings. Centralize datasets across your organization through data matching and de-duping.

Looking for new business data?