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Data about every business as a single source of truth.
Access eye-opening certainty through the SMB data you need.

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Business Categories

A data-gathering army at scale

Several NLP models break down hundreds of billions of web pages every month to extract usable data based on phrases that match correlated data points – get unrivaled coverage, accuracy, and depth.

Step 1.

Soleadify scans the web in a similar way to how humans research companies, and turns unstructured data into rich company profiles. We pull information from online public and proprietary sources, including any government information, and merge it with the industry’s best data companies.

Step 2.

The raw information is stored in dedicated big data infrastructures – a combination of ML and algorithms triangulates, deduplicates, and curates the data that’s most likely to be accurate. The result is stored in a database with associated metadata (e.g. a company name score), allowing us to choose which data is allowed to be returned by which API,  based on what the usecase requires.

What sets Soleadify business data apart

Better Business Classification

Soleadify’s classification relies on what the company communicates about themselves. Sector-industry-category classification is up to date, accurate, and as granular as needed.

Exclusive Coverage

Access small businesses that aren't part of any competitor's database and gain visibility into overlooked segments of your market.

Weekly updates

The database is updated weekly with new information - we’ve honed our data processing infrastructure to minimize latency, ensuring our data stays factual.

Near-perfect enrichment

Match and enrich almost any dataset of companies by legal and commercial names, location and address, and linked digital assets.

Company Activity Tags

Prioritize the companies with the most important activity tags (e.g. Machine Learning) and text descriptions - build the filtering models that fit your strategy.

Birdseye view

Soleadify associates in-depth metadata to a company profile, such as product lines, business activities or services provided, which grants accurate profiling.

Accuracy & recency scoring

Prioritize between volume, accuracy, and recency of your data points to choose the tradeoff that best fits your use case.

Data care

Dedicated team that builds integrations, making sure you get the data right where you need it, in the format you need it.

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