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Find Realtors, Real Estate Developers, Office Space Managers, Property Managers, and many more...

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Law Firm Partners, Lawyers, Legal Associations, Notaries, and many more...

In Tech

Reach Founders of Startups, Leaders of Software Development companies, Managed Service Providers, and many more...

In Education

Decision Makers in Colleges, High Schools, Kindergartens, Adult Education companies, and many more...

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Got Any Questions For Us?

Please check below the most frequently asked questions. If your questions aren't answered here, just reach out to us!

We source our data by visiting (crawling) a business’ website, and use machine learning and algorithms to extract relevant data.

For example:

Email Addresses & Phone Numbers

We find them on the company’s website. They’re publicly available, making it easy to answer the question “how did you find my email”, if a prospect asks you that.

We don’t guess or try email patterns, which is the main reason why our users see lower bounce rates compared to other tools.

Company Name, Employee Names and Job Titles

We trained Machine Learning (ML) models to extract this data. After extracting the raw data, we process it and use multiple data points to clean and and score each data point. We then keep and include in Soleadify only the data we’re confident in.

Company Locations

We trained machine learning (ML) models to extract all the addresses found on a company’s website.
There usually are a lot of addresses on a company’s website, so right after extracting them we assign a score based on multiple factors. That’s how we also identify the “main location” of a company.

Business Category

We make an analysis of the text we find on the website, which is then processed by a ML model which knows to identify over 600 business categories.

This has the advantage that we can always expand how granular our categorisation is. So if you need us to add another category, please let us know 😁

In order to find these, we look at different URLs, network requests, and cookies, and we have, for example, a database of technologies we can detect.

When you sign up for a Soleadify account, you get access to an export of 100 leads as part of your trial, so you can see for yourself.

Here are the most relevant data points included in the export:

  • Company name
  • Employee name
  • Employee Job Title
  • Personal Email Addresses
  • Generic Email Addresses
  • Business Category
  • Social Media links
  • Technologies used

Please find here the entire list of data included in the export.

To really answer this question, we need to describe the market a bit, first.

The vast majority of outreach tools rely on three sources for their data:

  • Government data, for example for business classifications. Which explains why the classification of businesses is usually extremely inaccurate.
  • Crawling third-party platforms, such as LinkedIn, Crunchbase, or Yelp. This is not only illegal, but also very limited. For example, only 15% of companies are on LinkedIn. So usually the databases are limited to those, very biased towards corporate or tech, and lacking SMB data.
  • Banks and financial institutions. This approach also messes up the business classification part, and assumes that the legal entity = a company. When most of the time, that’s not true.

Given this context, Soleadify has the following advantages:

  1. Data you can’t find anywhere else – the competitive advantage every sales team aims for. Because we source our data differently, we get unique data. So instead of reaching out to the same contacts as everyone else, by using Soleadify you can tap into untapped territories!
  2. Reach markets that you couldn’t before – Want to reach out to high school teachers? Beauty salon owners? Restaurant chefs? This is now possible, with Soleadify!
  3. The best coverage of SMBs – 90% of our database are SMBs, which you can filter by location and niche. Finding the CTO of Microsoft is easy, but no other tools can help you find the managers of dental clinics in your area!
  4. The most granular classification – Soleadify allows you to filter restaurants by cuisine, medical clinics by their specialty, or law firms by law area of expertise.
  5. Full control over data – need us to add another niche? No problem! Want us to add all the businesses in your city? Just let us know!

All the data featured in Soleadify is publicly available. We just extract it, aggregate it, clean it, and make sure it’s accurate.

We don’t guess any emails, and don’t illegally grab data from social media. When the email address disappears from a website, we delete it from our database as well.

Moreover, if you want to just reach out to generic email addresses, that’s entirely possible in Soleadify.

Of course, we are not lawyers, so please reach out to an attorney for legal advice. For further information, please check out this article: Where does Soleadify Data come from?

The free trial gives you access to the platform for 14 days. Here’s what’s included:

  • Unlimited searches & data samples
  • Export 100 leads
  • Use all the filters
  • Lead browsing
  • Exports history

What’s not included in the trial:

  • The ability to upload a list of domains and have it scanned on demand
  • Adding subusers to your account