Build Predictable Revenue for your agency

Find local businesses, contact decision makers, and put your outreach on autopilot. Leverage a database of 40M SMBs that aren’t on LinkedIn or any other platform. 

Connect with the right local businesses

any industry & location

From restaurants to handymen, find millions of local SMBs and their contact data

business owners & Leaders

Find the right contact data and get in touch with your target market

businesses that need you

Find businesses with very specific problems, and pitch accordingly - e.g. businesses with slow loading websites

what is inside sales

Find your Target Market in seconds

Target the right niche for your personalized outreach. 

Find businesses in 100s of niches, from restaurants to accounting firms and law offices – powered by data you can’t find anywhere else.

Filter by technology and tech issues

Use tech filters to find the perfect target: from companies that use Shopify, to local businesses that use old versions of WordPress, or SMBs with unoptimized websites.

Reach the businesses that need your services the most.

find decision makers
sales process

Build automated campaigns

Send personalized emails and follow-ups automatically. Straight from your mailbox.

A/B test subject lines, email copy and sending hours to boost your closing rates.

laser-focus your targeting

All the filters you'd expect


Reach businesses from anywhere across the globe. Literally.


Handpick the most relevant niches for your digital agency's services.

Company Size

From solopreneurs to large corporations, find the best fit for your ideal target market.

Job Title

Select the most relevant roles that describe your audience (Owner, President, Sales & Marketing, etc.).

Website Attributes

Uncover hidden prospects based on where they fall short (slow-loading website, no CDN, using old technologies, etc.)

Technology Used

Ace your targeting by reaching out to prospects using specific technology (e.g. Shopify)

reach out before anyone else

Get notified every time a newly-founded digital agency hits the market and spearhead your prospecting success rate.

b2b sales tools

Prospect in less than 60 seconds


Define the type of digital agency you want to reach out to

get contacts

Choose the type of contact data you're interested in

Reach out

Create email sequences or export the data to your CRM

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