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Sales Prospecting Automation: Streamlining Your Sales Process

Sales prospecting can be a time-consuming, complicated and monotonous task. As many as 42% of sales associates admit that they struggle during sales prospecting

Yet, sales prospecting is the most crucial activity in the sales process. Taking advantage of sales automation is the best way to overcome this challenge. It can help you complete your daily tasks more efficiently and quickly. Automate the repetitive and frustrating process so you can focus on more meaningful tasks.

In this blog, we will show you the benefits of sales automation and how it can help you boost your sales figures. 

Benefits of Sales Prospecting Automation

Before discussing how to automate the process of sales prospecting, let’s discuss why you should do it. 

A study shows that companies who don’t use automation spend 71% of the time planning and defining the process. There are many advantages to the automation of sale prospecting. It can improve your efficiency by reducing your workloads. 

Moreover, it makes you focus on the work that truly matters and helps you increase your company’s revenue. Let’s talk about these benefits in detail. 

Reduces Workload

The first and most obvious benefit of sales prospecting automation is that it reduces the workload of repetitive day-to-day tasks. Searching for prospects, email mining, sending tons of emails, and similar activities can be made easier with automation. 

A study shows that a salesperson only spends 15% of the time doing actual selling and the rest on administration. Therefore, if you take advantage of the easy automation of such tasks, your team will have more time to focus on the actual sales.

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Motivates the Salesperson

Every company needs a motivated, proactive sales team. Salespeople can remain that way if they don’t have to focus on frustrating and tedious tasks that break them down. A driven team is more productive and performs better where it matters, i.e., during a sale. 

Boosts Company Revenue

A dynamic, enthusiastic team tends to perform better and generate higher sales numbers and revenue. When a team is actively engaged in sales activities, and not distracted by frustrating trivial matters, better results are sure to come. 

Sales prospecting automation enhances the efficiency of your sales team and helps you save time and resources. You can see how beneficial prospecting automation is for your company, so now, let’s discuss how to streamline your sales process. 

What Can You Automate?

Sales prospecting has a number of stages. Here are some of the core activities that can be easily automated with automation tools. Automating prospecting makes building lists of relevant prospects much easier. The better and faster you can do this, the more high-quality opportunities you will have further down your pipeline.

Lead Enrichment

Prospecting data for B2B lead generation is faster with automation tools. Automation tools obtain better contact information, details of the organization, and sales intelligence. 


Scheduling meetings and calls is a key aspect of sales. Now you can schedule them with only a few clicks. You can organize, arrange, and manage appointments simply with automation tools. 

Pipeline Management

Digital systems take your sales team to a whole new level. The automation software provides relevant information about process management, sales analytics, and critical feedback on sales associates. 

Emails and Calls Automation

The most frustrating, repetitive, and time-consuming task in sales is sending out follow-up emails manually, while heavily depending on your sales representatives for such tasks. Automation tools speed up this process and enhance its efficiency. The content and templates provided by automatic emails oil the wheels of effective communication. 

How to Streamline Your Sales Process?

Automation is important for streamlining your sales process. Sales automation provides you with sales figures, opportunities, complaints, and real-time data that allows managers to act quickly and take the necessary steps to optimize your sales team’s efforts. 

Follow these 4 steps to streamline your sales figures.  

1. Avoid Manual Entry to CRM

If you are still entering data manually in 2020, you are way behind the current sales technologies. Use automation tools to integrate data. When you find a new lead you want to prospect, integrate various tools to automate the entry in your CRM software with a click. 

2. Get Information About Inbound Leads

When an inbound lead appears in your inbox, your first responsibility is to conduct some in-depth research to understand the lead better. After that, study the reports and determine the best time to approach the lead. 

When you use the sales automation tools, all the information comes together with the leads, making it easier for you to study them.

3. Reach-out at the Right Time

With modern B2B sales prospecting tools, you can get all the information you need about your target leads. You can follow them and get notified of every information and changes happening in the company.  You can have complete control over the information and find the perfect moment to approach when the company needs what you are selling.

4. Automate CRM Maintenance

The latest sales automation tools can go through your data, maintain a scheduled checkup, and update outdated and invalid data automatically. This can save a lot of effort in data maintenance and manual cleanups.

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