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How to Create and Execute a Successful Lead Generation Strategy

Lead generation is highly crucial for both the marketers and the businesses they aim to grow and foster. However, buying the attention of your audience no longer works in today’s business landscape. 

It has become more challenging to catch your target market’s attention, and traditional means are already ineffective. Instead, earn their attention by devising a well-planned lead generation process, which–when effectively done–should draw their attention towards you.

Businesses highly invest in lead generation, and a study from Statista even predicted that the current spending of the United States is currently at 2.6 billion dollars. In the year 2023, the forecast suggests it will increase and reach 3.2 billion dollars. compare

If you are also planning to invest in one, below are five ways to help you create and execute successful lead generation strategies:

1. The Rocks, Pebbles, and Sand Analogy

The Rocks, Pebbles, and Sand Analogy was birthed with the story of a professor who challenged his students to fit the three groups of items into a jar neatly. The gist of the analogy entails that the professor’s students must be geared towards prioritizing the “bigger items” and placing them inside the jar first. 

When applied in the business field, the weight of each item refers to the things a typical marketer encounters in their daily undertakings.

The rocks symbolize the essential facet of your inbound marketing. The pebbles, the other hand, are representations of the secondary and supplemental tools that you use in your business. Finally, the sand represents the small stuff that is usually there as distractions in your strategies.

Typically, businesses would argue that the customers are the “rocks” of their companies. However, to look at the analogy differently, we can see them with a different lens and perspective. The customers should be the “water” used to fill up the jar after everything was firmly compacted in the jar.

Applying this analogy in your business will be highly beneficial because it will allow better optimization of the amount of space available in your system. Apply this mindset, and it will surely deliver significant change in your creation of lead generation techniques.

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2. Lead Capture

Aside from the Rocks, Pebbles, and Sand Analogy, businesses can also make use of the lead capture strategy. This highlights the idea that most of your website’s visitors will never return to your site if you were unable to capture enough vital information from them. For e-commerce companies, for example, only one-third of their visitors are returning. The best thing a marketer can practice lead generation strategy is by asking for a working email from its prospects.

This is where a loophole can be found and is less likely to be given attention by the majority. Visitors of sites are not always open and willing to give out these kinds of personal information with the fear of potential threats. Because of this, there is a need for you to think of alternatives where you can still succeed in capturing the same information. 

One of the best ways you can explore to capture information from your visitors is applying the “give before we ask” rule of thumb. Offer mutually-beneficial opt-in alternatives for your prospects to acquire their data. 

3. Lead Magnets 

A marketer and a company can only assume that they have a good customer lifecycle if the method of conversion from their website visitors to leads or prospective clients is efficient. This means that the business and the marketer should be able to bridge the gap between the phase of generating traffic to the stage of acquiring leads. Visitors often tend to neglect your attempt of getting information from them, so they fail to be translated into prospects.

This hole can be sealed up with lead magnets, which help you to still successfully do sales prospecting in your business. You can offer valuable tools to your visitors so they will be more willing to give their contact details and information. Lead magnets are the incentives you give to prospects or leads so you can collect data from them. 

Some examples of lead magnets are free trials, webinars, and eBooks, among the many. These lead magnets contain valuable content that they want to access which is usually gated by a form. The form typically asks for fields like email address, company size and more. 

4. Landing Page Conversion Techniques

Landing Page Conversion Techniques are also deemed as considerable assets to your business when attempting to convert visitors into leads. This can be any landing page that someone will be brought to after clicking an advertisement or other elements found on that page. This is also another factor that allows you to realize the importance of lead generation software for your business.

Such software does not only help you quantify your visitors but also translate those numbers into leads.


5. Lead Scoring

Finally, lead scoring allows you to prioritize your leads according to their levels of engagement. These engagements are the results of your inbound marketing. Try looking over some sales outreach email templates if you want to explore different options as a part of this process. 

You can practice lead scoring by quantifying the interactions of your prospects with your content. Different points should be assigned to various types of engagement.

Creating and Executing a Successful Lead Generation Strategy

The existing lead generation campaigns should be reconstructed across the entire industry of the business at hand. Doing so will enable you to meet better both the needs and demands of your target markets. It will also establish strong relationships between you and qualified customers that will be more than willing to invest in your business for several years.

It is one paramount concern every business must address. Marketers and companies must work together to achieve successful lead generation if they want their business to grow. If performed well, combined with a reliable tool like Soleadify, these can produce loyal and long term customers.